We are a team of young, motivated and highly specialised ski instructors with more than fifteen years experience working with children. We focus our attention first of all on kids’ and teens’ amusement and training. We deal with kids aged 3 to 16 years, teaching them the secrets of skiing in an environment of absolute security, affection and professional responsibility.

Our aim is to ensure kids learning and fun, helping them socialize with other children and fostering collaboration within a group.
By staying within a group of similar technical level and age, kids learn to ski in an easy and quick way and they generate constructive forms of interaction with each other.

In the group kids grow up and form deep friendships that last longer than the winter or summer season. From mountains to sea: two interconnected ecosystems that can’t miss out unforgettable experiences which enrich everyone’s life.


With BE FREE you’re certain to find a group of people who move far beyond any preconceived notion of sport. BE FREE is a vehicle to have fun and experience passion by trying something new everyday.


Our goal is to work with families to address their possible needs and to make kids feel good and comfortable the whole day through. We come pick kids up, we bring them to the ski lifts and back to your hotel/apartment after a day spent skiing. We take great care of what do they eat during the day, granting them a healthy diet.
During the summer activities kids stay with us day and night and we look after them round the clock. Our solid preparation enables us to give full attention to group dynamics and to what individuals in the group need and feel, harmonizing contacts between kids and teens.